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(33 People Likes) Why is it common and socially acceptable in eastern countries like Japan, Korea or China for single men to have life-size female sex dolls instead of a girlfriend/wife, but not in the west?

Russian and Ukrainian women… ) refuse to meet local Asian men, generally find them repulsive and get angry when we don’t find the local female population repulsive and prefer dating the local population to the expat cat- /DVD women who refuse to be allowed to give up their strictly held racial dating preferences.* That we don’t think the same as them when it comes to dating local people, they probably see our general preferences as a physical betrayal of them and our “common values” therefore as the bile emerges under the cloak of racism, anger and bitterness – mostly hidden in feminist rhetoric. Why Don’t Western Women Date Chinese Men? It’s a great article by Jocelyn Eikenberg and I’ll copy and paste a quote from it. As I reflected on my budding crush on Tian, ​​I thought it was no different than that college semester when I was studying in Spain. All the American girls I knew liked to flirt with the native Spanish girls, and why not? The experience of being in a foreign country and culture somehow freed us from our usual American expectations of men and dating itself. We could try new things. We might even reinvent ourselves and what it means to be in love with someone. At that time I didn’t know much about China – a time when I could only communicate in Mandarin with a dictionary and a lot of patience and all my cultural knowledge was gathered from the library books about China that I borrowed in the summer. But I figured I wasn’t alone in my feelings. Surely the other foreign teachers at my college had secret crushes. At least that’s what I thought until one day when I was having lunch with my colleagues. “Whenever I arrive at an airport in America, the first thing that strikes me is how handsome our men are and how tall they are,” one of my white colleagues said over lunch. “I’ll just stare at her for hours like I’m Chinese and I’ve never seen a foreign man in my life.” At least this woman wasn’t as outspoken as another colleague who used to cycle the streets of Zhengzhou with me. As we pulled up on the corner of a side street and watched the mostly male population pedaling past us through the intersection, she grimaced. “Chinese men don’t seem very attractive.” “How can you say that?” I asked her. “I don’t know…they just aren’t.” She sounded too casual for a woman who just fired the entire male population in China. How could these women just write off all Chinese men as undatable? The question haunted me as I reflected on my crush on Tian. But it wouldn’t be the last time I’d be confronted with these ideas. As I continued to date the locals in China and eventually married a guy from Hangzhou, I realized that most expat women in China agreed with my Zhengzhou counterparts. And sometimes their dislike was just shocking. A European woman I worked with in 2001 famously told me that although she found all Chinese men absolutely repulsive, she found Chinese children so adorable. So it’s the common garden racism. On the subject of submissiveness – Asian women are submissive – I’m sure some are, some western women too, submissiveness is not a national or racial characteristic. What most critics confuse “submissiveness” with an indirect communication style – that’s what it is – Asian women (in general…) are not as direct or open when it comes to conveying their ideas, but if you marry such a woman, will you do it. I will see that she is in no way submissive when it comes to what she considers important. Try taking a year (or any length of time) off work to “find herself” and see how submissive she is. Somehow

(20 People Likes) The supermodel-like looks of these highly realistic sex dolls make them popular with young girls and women alike

to the next level and play with them without embarrassment, shame or guilt. Just relax on the warm, hard manhood of the best selling male sex doll you choose and experience the pleasure of becoming intimate with the man of your dreams. If you want you can have his penis in your booty or you can lick him for as long as you want. Enjoy the hardness of a firm erection for an unlimited time that you’ve always wanted but missed with these skinny dolls. And the best part are the dolls

(86 People Likes) What is the difference between real people and silicone dolls?

de to use yourself. It’s just another form of masturbation. Masturbation is safe, natural and healthy. No risks of STDs, no unwanted pregnancies, no complicated mating rituals or relationships for those not in a committed sexual relationship. Sex dolls on the rise people masturbate. This hasn’t stopped humans from continuing to mate with each other and make more humans. A sex robot is just another, a little more e

(52 Likes) What one thing did you do that made your mom cry?

I my stepfather. About a year later they got married and a few months later my little brother was born. It wasn’t long before my stepfather started giving me a little more “attention” than I would have liked. He worked on it, nursed me, etc. When he finally did what he did, he warned me that if I ever told my mother, she wouldn’t believe me and stop loving me. I believed him because my mother wasn’t a very nice person. At least for me. Not sure why exactly. It might be because I had a vagina as she seemed very patient with my little brother and all my cousins ​​- who were male. I’m not going to go into all the little details, I just need to know that no matter what happened, it was my fault. I was also a very gentle child. Conflict avoided at all costs. So if I was accused of something, even if I wasn’t anywhere around when it happened, I would back down and accept it. I learned long ago never to stand up for myself because the punishment would always be harsher. But as I got older, I started to rebel – just not in a healthy way. Rather passive-aggressive. I figured if I had the name I might as well play the game. I started stealing money from my mother’s purse, lying, failing classes, fighting. I even ran away from home a few times, although I always reported to the police the next morning. I wasn’t a “good girl,” and that was probably my downfall. Because when I was 14, I finally dared to tell someone what my stepfather regularly does to me. I told a teacher and a counselor. Of course they dragged my mother inside. She took me home and didn’t say a word to me the whole time. She sent me to my room and I wasn’t allowed out until she called me. My stepfather came home and she confronted him. Of course he denied everything. She finally called me over and said the words I’ll never forget, “You don’t want to force this because if you do, we’ll have to move out, and we can’t afford to live without his paycheck.” She didn’t cry yet. But I realized that my stepfather’s threat was real – I could see that if I followed this up, my mother would stop loving me. So, God forgive me, I lied. I said, “No, I just said that to get attention.” That’s when she started crying. How could I do something so terrible to her? she yelled at me. Of course everyone at school found out somehow, so life became hell. I was dragged to see a psychologist – who happened to be a close friend of my stepdad, and she knows he would never do such a thing! My life was ruined. At least my stepfather avoided me from that point on. My mother decided to wash her hands off me and sent me halfway across the country to live with my real father. Of course she told him what had happened

(35 People Likes) Why aren’t dildos looked down on but sex dolls are?

one of them coded her phone to have a continuous vibrate mode switch for personal entertainment purposes). Others resorted to things like electronic vibrating massagers, children’s toys, kitchen appliances (like a blender). Just for the dildoing they resorted to things like deodorant, sex doll torsos, shampoo bottles, anything hard plastic or rubber with a phallic shape and handy size (for a better experience they used to put on a condom and some lube to reduce friction and to facilitate hygiene). Glass items like bottles and organic vegetables are not re

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